How is a TimberQuest Park different?
Step into a TimberQuest Park and you will see the forest through the trees. That's because TimberQuest uses a large footprint, much bigger than a traditional tree-tops park, so that you have an endless adventure experience in the trees. Our zip lines are rewards for completing various routes and challenges.  We believe there is something missing in the traditional zip-line or "aerial adventure parks" as they are commonly referred to. The passion behind TimberQuest combines the challenges and obstacles of tree-top parks with the art of self-discovery. Participants choose different level courses that are easily color-coded similar to the level of difficulty of ski trails - green, blue, red, and black.

How old do you have to be to play?

TimberQuest Park at Magic Mountain is designed for people seven years and older and for all abilities. A starter course, created for younger children or tweens and adults who want to ease into the art of tree climbing, is just about three to four feet from the ground. Participants are harnessed and clipped in the same way as those on the main courses, but the lower height level allows parents and trained ground guides to be near by throughout the course.

7 - 9 With Older Peer* With Older Peer* Closed for this age group
10 - 13 Solo With Older Peer* With Older Peer*
>13 Enjoy any course!

* "With Older Peer": a person (13+) must accompany children on courses-max. 2 children per older peer.

Are there height or weight restrictions?

The weight limit for all courses is 265 lbs.
Yellow Starter Course: Must be at least 7 years of age AND be able to reach 63 inches to "clip on" for yellow starter course.
Green (beginner) and Blue (intermediate): Must be 8 AND be able to reach 72 inches to "clip on" for the Green and Blue courses.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Be comfortable. Dress in clothes that you can move in with ease - shorts or jeans (no skirts or dresses). Sturdy footwear is essential, too. Please no flip flops or Crocs. And leave that smartphone in the car!

Is it safe?

We sought out the best in safety devices and selected a contractor who has built parks around the world. The TimberQuest Park at Magic was built by a Professional Ropes Course Association accredited contractor.  The course is inspected annually and employees receive specialized training. Two smart safety clips keep you continuously connected throughout the course and on the zip lines. 

Where is TimberQuest? What's in it?

The park is situated at the base of Magic Mountain Ski Area with 20 ziplines going downhill, across hill and some even go uphill. There are 75 elements ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced including the Postman Walk, the Island Hop, Vine Walk, Kitten Crawl, and the Great Wallenda just to name a few of the routes. Course height varies anywhere from three to 32 feet from the ground, with some zipline rides being 350 feet long.

Can I buy tickets online before I arrive?

Yes! We sell tickets right here online.  Save time!  All participants must complete and sign a participation agreement before entering the park.  You can review also print out the participation/waiver agreement, fill it out at home, and bring it with you to save on time once you're here.