Each course at TimberQuest varies in terms of elevation and the strenuousness of the challenges. Elements include rope bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines and more. All courses are self-guided and every person is clipped into a guide wire.

TimberQuest at Magic is a great deal of fun. It is exhilarating and challenging but it can also has some risk. For this reason, we recommend reviewing the rules below and starting with the easiest course possible and challenging yourself as you gain confidence.

You are encouraged to be prepared prior to buying your tickets (ie. restrooms, snacks and dressed properly) so you can maximize your fun in the park.

Age, Height & Weight Restrictions

7 - 9 With Older Peer* With Older Peer* Closed to this age group
10 - 13 Solo With Older Peer* With Older Peer*
14+ Enjoy any course!

* "With Older Peer": a person (13+) must accompany children on courses-max. 2 children per older peer.

Yellow Starter Course: Must be at least 7 years of age AND be able to reach 63 inches to "clip on" for yellow starter course.
Green (beginner) and Blue (intermediate): Must be 8 AND be able to reach 72 inches to "clip on" for the most difficult courses.

The weight limit for all courses is 265 lbs. 

While in the park:

  • Obey instructions given by Park Guides. It is for your safety.
  • Everyone must complete the Ground School participant training class and demonstrate that you can use the equipment safely before proceeding on to any of the courses. 
  • Always have at least one carabiner attached only to a marked safety loop, guide wire or zip line.
  • First timers must start with a yellow or green ropes course
  • Only one person at a time on an element.
  • Only three people on a platform at a time.
  • Wear closed toed shoes or sneakers, not open sandals or flip-flops.
  • Guests wearing inappropriate clothing may be refused access to the park to ensure that safety guidelines are met.
  • UNPLUG Please!! Do not carry phones, ipods, cameras, or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others.  
  • Do not use any ropes course with loose hair, clothing, or accessories that can get caught in ropes or zip lines.
  • Carry out all objects that you bring into the park, including all trash.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the park.
  • Participating in a TimberQuest Park under the influence of alcohol or drugs or against the medical advice of a licensed health care professional is prohibited.  
  • Participants should be physically fit, and should not suffer or have not suffered from any physical or mental condition which may lead to a dangerous situation with regards to other persons or themselves during activities at the adventure park.  
  • When in doubt, ask a Park Guide for assistance.
  • Our Guides are empowered to immediately, without warning exclude or remove a participant from the course, without a refund, if safety guidelines or safe behavior is not being met.