Save some time, buy your tickets online.   Spur-of-the-moment walk-ins are always welcome!

   Full Quest - $44

 Choose two challenge courses and ride all the long zips.  This package has up to 26 challenges and 14 zip lines and will take up to two hours to complete. Book online.

 Half Quest - $35   

 Users have access to one challenge course and many zip lines.  This package has up to 17 challenges and 11 zip lines and will take up to an hour and a half to complete.  Book online.

  Lower Quest - $25

 Suitable for young children and beginners. Only 3 feet off the ground.  Take as many laps as you wish.  May be booked online.

 Zip Line Tour - $35

 Eight zip lines crisscrossing the ski trails and 3 challenges!  The longest is 350'!  This tour should take about 45 minutes.  May be booked online.

  Vermonters - take $5 off the above rates all year only when you pay at the time of your visit.

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 Height and age minimums apply.  See FAQ's.  As a condition of purchase, all participants must complete and sign a participation/waiver agreement before entering the park.  Click here to review it.


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